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1, Enterprise faith:  honest & realistic, devotion to service, seek of satisfaction.

 honest & realistic: Treat partner with honesty, do business based on mutual trust and always keep promise.

devotion to service— provide sincere, quick, professional,efficient service and try our best to meet customer’s demand.

seek of satisfactory—we only can get market share and gain profit with customer’s satisfactory.


2, Enterprise vision: to be one of the global respected handicraft enterprise.

To win employees’ honesty and respect by relying on and trust them; To win customers’ respect based on first class quality and best service; To win counterparts’ respect by leading designs and  technology; To win society’s respect by taking environment protection cause and social responsibility.


3, business philosophy: value creation, win-win cooperation, sustainable development.

value creation: independent creation, excellent management, technological innovation, potential synergies improvent. Creating value for our employees, our enterprise, our parterners as well as our society.

win-win cooperation: establish strategic partnership with our customers and suppliers; cooperate with all industries; and keep a solid and benefit business relationship with them and grow together.

sustainable development: we devote to eco-friendly items and take resposiblity to Environmental protection, and insist sustainable development.


4, Enterprise Spirit: Diligence, tenacity, responsibility, innovation.

Diligence: keep learning, thinking, exploring and practicing. Be serious and downstart to do everything and never be complaint of bitter of tired.

Tenacity: indomitable, determined, and dare to bear the arduous task with lasting determination.

Responsibility: love and delicate our job, keep the principle and be responsible for the development of enterprise.

Innovation: be good at accumulation and thinking. Be brave to revolute and creat.


5, Quality Philosophy: regard quality as life, always persue perfection.

The product quality is regarded as our life as well as enterprise’s life. Keep“Quality First, Customers Supreme in mind, and never be satisfied with quality and to do better and better.